Recipe For Making Loly Green Beans (Green Bean Popsicles)

Ice Loly Green Beans - the story again has pretty much green beans at home. At first, wanted to make thick green bean porridge. Ala-style Madura Green Porridge complete with black sticky rice and sliced ​​bread. But lately, I reduced coconut milk again in cooking. So start thinking about, what is delicious?
If it's made of soup, my grandmother's normal green bean soup makes it feel like it's impossible to eat. Because indeed people at home like savory soup-savory soup. Like chicken soup, meatball soup, sausage soup, and fish soup so. If the green bean soup, which is only done by Husband Hihihi.
Keep thinking also want to make savory snacks from green beans rich rempeyek or green beans. But unfortunately, a thousand unfortunately lazy to hit the soul, if it is made of savory fried foods rich in green beans must be painstaking because frying must use low heat which tends to be and it's a very long process of frying.

finally, try browsing Google looking for a green bean processed recipe which is easily made but feels good. Finally, I found a blog, Mother Veronica Dhani, who had reviewed the ice loly green ice. Wow, I immediately fell in my heart with the green bean ice, Mother Vero. There is written the green bean ice recipe which is adaptable from the delicious blog.

After checking the recipe, it turned out that the mother Vero added the cornstarch dissolved with a little liquid milk. If the recipe for Loly Green Beans is original, he said without cornstarch. With the use of cornstarch, it turns out that the results of the green bean lollipop ice are thicker, slightly chewy typical cornstarch, and soft. These are simple tips that can be prestressed at home when making a variety of ice loly creations.

When I tried it turned out to be a good result from this green bean loly ice. What more recipes are very minimalist and practically tried at home. And what makes me able to smile broadly is no use of coconut milk at all in the adon. So arguably the basic dough of ice loly green beans is green bean porridge without coconut milk. And to replace the use of coconut milk, then Vero replaces it with sweet white condensed milk.

Green beans are cooked with salt, granulated sugar, and sweetened condensed milk indeed creating a delicious sensation. It feels fresh, and the green peanut ice is easy to bite. So it's gentle, it's suitable to be served for children who are so fond of the processed ice loly which now has a lot of creations and variations. Starting from ice lollipop fruit (fruit popsicles) such as ice loly dragon fruit, ice loly kiwi soda, avocado fruit ice loly, banana loli ice (banana dragon milk popsicle), mango loli ice, guava, ice lollipop brown, ice lollipop rainbow, ice Lollipop Oreo, ice lollipop green coconut and many others.
Well for those who are bored with green bean wax ice (Iz green bean wax) which is also called Mambo Green Bean ice, let's try the green bean ice recipe for homemade milk! Here are ingredients and how to make super simple green beans like the following.

Step by step makes ice loly green beans

To produce 18 Loly Burjo ice

Loly Burjo ice ingredients:

  • 100-gram skin green beans
  • Water 1,000 million liters of water
  • Salt 1/4 teaspoon
  • 100-gram sugar
  • Sweet white condensed milk (SKM) 200 grams
  • Vanilla essence 1/4 teaspoon
  • 2 tablespoons cornstarch (dissolve with a little liquid milk)

How to process ice loly green bean porridge:

  1. The first step is soaking green beans overnight.
  2. Then strain and wash green beans clean.
  3. Next boil green beans in 1,000 water until boiling, mature, and until the water shrinks until the remaining 450 billion liters.
  4. After that, add salt and sugar. Cook until boiling and sugar dissolves. Then add sweetened condensed milk and vanilla essence. Stir well.
  5. Add cornstarch solution, mix well again.
  6. Leave the mixture until it's cold, if you want ice loly green beans that are super soft, it can be blended first with the green bean porridge if you like it.
  7. Finally, put the mixture in Loly Pop or Plastic Lolipop mold, press, and freeze in the freezer.
This green bean loly ice called Green Bean Popsicles is a simple ice cream sticky bun. But it feels endless, it's delicious for a snack that is fast when it's hot. My nephew also runs out 4 pcs

To remove the ice from the Loly Pop prints carefully huh. Slow down, because later if this economical green bean ice cream too fast can break and be destroyed.

Thus we can convey it regarding the recipe for making green bean loly ice (Green Bean Popsicles). Hope it is useful.
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