November 2021

Jakarta Ketoprak Recipe

Ketoprak Recipe – Hey, who likes to eat ketoprak ? If I like it, one of my favorite foods, when I'm eating out, is " ketoprak &quot...

Admin 8 Nov, 2021

How to Make Soft and Fluffy Donuts Without Potatoes

Donuts (doughnuts or donuts in English) are fried snacks, made from a mixture of flour, sugar, eggs, and butter. How to Make Donuts – Donuts...

Admin 7 Nov, 2021

5 Diet Menu Recipes that are Easy to Make at Home

Busy schedules and unfinished work make you take advantage of your break time by ordering unhealthy food from outside. Without realizing it,...

Admin 7 Nov, 2021

Dalgona Coffee Recipe Without Anti-Fail Mixer 100% Success

Dalgona Coffee Recipe Without Mixer – Hey, who here hasn't tried the Dalgona coffee recipe because they don't have a mixer and blen...

Admin 4 Nov, 2021

Anti-Fail Chewy Pearl Porridge Recipe With 5-30-7. Method

Pearl Porridge Recipe – Porridge is a mixture of solid and liquid ingredients with a composition of more liquid ingredients than solid ingr...

Admin 3 Nov, 2021

Apam Balik Recipe (Malaysian Ban Jian Kueh) Super Tender

Apam Balik is a typical Malaysian snack that is usually sold at night markets or on the roadside like Indonesian-style street vendors. At f...

Admin 2 Nov, 2021