January 2022

Fried Fish with Balinese Chili Relish

INGREDIENTS 600 g sea bream (or replace snapper if preferred) 2 cm fresh turmeric or 1/2 tsp ground turmeric 1 glove garlic 1 pc lime, halve...

Admin 22 Jan, 2022

Delicious Indonesian Coconut Milk Drink

INGREDIENTS   150 g fresh self made rice flour or finished product 100 g tapioca flour (replace with cornstarch if not available) 750 g cold...

Admin 22 Jan, 2022

Top 9 Traditional Drinks of Indonesia (Most Delicious)

Indonesia has a wide variety of tribes as well as cultures. With so many tribes, there are also many culinary types in each region. Although...

Admin 11 Jan, 2022

Secret Recipe for Indonesian Grilled Sambal Chicken

This spicy flavorful Indonesian-style, Sambal Chicken is juicy and delicious!  Serve it with Thai Crunch Salad, or Asian Slaw and top with f...

Admin 11 Jan, 2022

Fried Chicken with Indonesian Specialty Butter Sauce

Indonesian Fried Chicken with Butter Sauce Use only the original Indonesian sweet soy sauce or known as Kecap Manis. This sauce is thick, sw...

Admin 10 Jan, 2022